Bulletproof Your Knee

Make the Frustration And Inflammation From Your
Knee Pain Disappear Forever...

"Runner & Triathlete Stumbles Upon the Secret to Finally Make His Knee Stop Hurting - And Bounces Back to Race the Triathlon World Championships!"

Here's the story and the step-by-step blueprint of how Ben Greenfield discovered a way to permanently eliminate knee pain...

It actually happened during an Ironman triathlon. This was a perfect storm - 1) a race for which I had not adequately prepared 2) a race scheduled after a 3 week string of other, shorter races and 3) a "low-priority" race that I was doing for "fun" without my usual taper in activity leading up to the race...


About 30 miles into the bike ride...

"My Knee Started To Feel Funny…"

But I pushed through the discomfort that gradually intensified on the outside of my knee…and by the time I got off the bike 112 miles later, flexing and extending the knee joint brought a grimace to my face. It was almost like my knee was locked into place.

For the next four weeks, my knee hurt. It hurt when I bent and extended it, especially going up and down stairs. It hurt when I ran, especially downhill. It hurt when I rode my bike, especially on rough roads. It hurt when I swam, especially when I had to kick frequently. Sometimes I could pinpoint the pain exactly (about 1-2cm above the knee joint line), but sometimes the entire knee just throbbed. Stretching helped, but only temporarily.

It was only later that I learned about overtraining, overuse, and other crucial mistakes I'll tell you about left my IT band swollen, inflammed and useless.

Unfortunately, the pressure was on. I had to fix my knee as quickly as possible to be able to compete in all my forthcoming running and cycling races that season. I couldn't just stop training! So I set forth on a journey to fix my knee, fast.

Since I work in a sports medicine facility, I had access to physicians, physical therapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors who were able to give me advice about their techniques for rapid recovery. I gleaned as much as possible.

And I also spent a very, very long time researching every predisposing
factor on the face of the planet for IT band friction syndrome and outside, lateral knee pain.

I discovered that the IT band, or "Iliotibial" band is a tight band of tissue on the outside of the leg from the hip to the knee. At the knee joint, it moves across a hard bone, or condyle, on the left of the femur. Contact against this condyle is highest when the knee is flexed between 20° and 30°, and when the IT band is excessively tight or stressed, this rubbing action is more vigorous and "friction" and inflammation become a problem. There is also a fat pad, or bursa, directly between the IT band and the condyle, and this can also become inflammed!

The resulting pain is called IT band friction syndrome and also IT band tendonitis, and if the outside of your knee hurts when you bend, land, twist or squat, then you probably have it!

So being both a triathlon coach and an athlete, I set about implementing simple and proven techniques for reducing and removing the inflammation and pain caused by this annoying, debilitating, frustrating friction and tendonitis.

But of course I didn't stop there…

I don't know about you, but when I fix something, I want it to stay fixed. So after implementing the exact tools that I teach in this system to remove the inflammation, I designed an easy and practical program to make sure this never happened again.

In other words, I decided to make my knee bulletproof, and I wanted a system to fix my knee, not just a hodge-podge series of random moves and exercises 

Here's what I demanded that my
"IT Band Friction Fix" system had to do for me and the athletes I coach:

•  Be very clear with no guesswork about what really fixes knee pain, how it works, why it works, and where to get it - no vague "R.I.C.E." suggestions

•  Generate instant results that you can feel working daily as the inflammation disappears from your knee

•  Give your knee massive resistance to future injuries

•  Result in you actually being stronger and faster than your pre-injury status

•  Be something practical that you can instantly implement  

•  Provide information about natural, home-remedy fixes in addition to cutting-edge medical procedures 

•  Integrate easily and automatically with traditional modalities like physical therapy and sports medicine treatments - in other words, stuff your doctor wouldn't laugh at

•  Be simple and inexpensive, not requiring you to pay thousands of dollars for an IT band surgical release or series of cortisone injections

•  Teach you how your knee got hurt in the first place.

•  Be easy-to-understand, rather than reading like a medical manual.

•  It's got to be affordable on just about any budget

•  It's got to be risk-free and not just something you gamble on maybe working.

•  It must not only make the knee bulletproof, but also address foot and hip issues that might also lead to lateral knee pain.

•  It must be instantly accessible, and allow you to begin on the exact day that you discover the system.

So I went to work with a video camera, and piece of paper, and a pen - filming, recording, and writing every single tip, trick and technique that I learned for training with IT band friction syndrome, fixing pain on the side of the knee, eliminating inflammation and making the knee joint 100% ready for swimming, cycling and running with no pain.

"What I Came Up With After Months of Frustrating Pain and Countless Hours of Research and Experimentation Is The Most Powerful And Effective Knee Bulletproofing System Ever Invented..." 

Announcing Ben Greenfield's Amazing New Program that Eliminates Your IT Band Friction Syndrome, Transforms Your Knee into a Bulletproof Joint That Can Pound Through Miles of Running and Hard Hammering on the Bike and Turns Your Confusion and Frustration Into Complete Knowledge of an Exact Step-by-Step System that Allows You to Return to the Sports You Love, Exercise Without Pain, Make Your Tendonitis Disappear and Have Enormous Amounts of Confidence That Your Knees Can Finally Take Everything You Throw at Them!

"As a matter of fact, the IT Band Friction Fix is the exact system I used to go from not being able to run 1 block without severe knee pain to completing a half-Ironman 8 weeks later..."

And not only completing the 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.2 mile run 100% pain-free, but also qualifying for the Triathlon World Championships at that same race, using exactly the system that I lay out in the IT Band Friction Fix package!

How does the IT Band Friction Fix
do this?

I started by shooting videos that introduce you to the types of braces, equipment, exercises, stretches, and changes in training protocols that you can immediately implement.

But then I decided to give you even more convenience!

So I also included a detailed and comprehensive module to accompany each video . In this module, you are given exact text links and step-by-step instructions for getting your hands on the right tools and using the techniques that you see in the videos.

In other words, I wanted to make it so that when you watch the video, you can immediately use the instructions on the video page to use the techniques that I talk about. No head scratching or trying to figure out when to do what. Because remember, this is a system, not a hodge-podge of suggestions!

Here's what you'll find in "The IT Band Friction Fix":

You'll notice that it's not just about exercise and training. I've also included knee healing nutrition and natural remedies - and even told you EXACTLY WHICH FOODS CONTRIBUTE TO INFLAMMATION.

That's right...there are supplements, vitamins and real foods easily accessible at your local grocery store and health food outlet that can rapidly accelerate the process of bulletproofing your knee. And in the IT Band Friction Fix, I teach you about the full range of these dietary tricks.

"The IT Band Friction Fix takes rehabilitating your knee one step further by showing you exactly what to eat and what not to eat to rapidly speed the healing process."

The idea of food as a medicine is universal among cultures and has been shown over and over in athletes to perfectly complement the type of rehabilitation exercises and methods that I teach in the IT Band Friction Fix system...

It's about giving your body as big an advantage as possible to heal as quickly as possible.

To use food as medicine, this system gives you step-by-step instructions about exactly how to combine exercises, stretches, braces, physical therapy modalities, food, and nutritional supplements to give you the ultimate knockout combo to completely eliminate your tendonitis and friction syndrome.

With this massive blend of healing techniques, your knee inflammation won't know what hit it!

You'll quickly find yourself regaining your fitness as your knee becomes stronger and more bulletproof and pain-free every day.

If you're an athlete, this will be your secret weapon. If you're a recreational exerciser, this will eliminate your frustration. And if you just have pure knee pain, this system will naturally soothe and remove your symptoms.

Using the IT Band Friction Fix verses traditional rehabilitation or therapy is kind of like the difference between fighting a fire with a spraybottle versus a firehose…you know which one is going to have the biggest effect on the inflammation in your knee.

Stretching is not enough. Therapy is not enough. Isolated leg strengthening is not enough. You need to be doing an enormous combination of proven methods to heal your knee, and that's exactly what the IT Band Friction Fix system does for you, while keeping things clear, practical, easy and not overwhelming.

"If you simply fight through the pain and try to just live with your IT band friction syndrome and tendonitis…you will eventually destroy your knee."

Don't feel like destroying your knee? Then here's what you need to do:

•  Nip this problem in the bud and heal fast so that you don't do permanent damage.

•  Keep the problem from occuring for the rest of your life.

•  Take charge and implement a step-by-step system that gets you better every day.

•  Give you confidence that your knee will do what you need it to do.

And I completely understand that you have to have this spelled out for you and you are sick and tired of unclear instructions about how to fix your knee with a frustrating level of different recommendation from a dizzying array of resources .

You may never get another chance to fix your knee.

One of the most damaging and expensive things that you can do to your knee is to continue to try individual fixes, rather than combining the unique blend of therapeutical treatments, nutritional changes, supplements, exercises and stretches that you are introducted to in the IT Band Friction Fix.

"You can't afford to waste any more time or money trying to fix your knee pain and regain your ability to exercise the way that you want to
...and you've found the solution! Here's what people are saying:"

"After 3 decades of no regular exercise, last year I got off the couch and completed 3 sprint triathlons. In the process I aggravated an old hip injury and bursitis, followed by IT Band syndrome. A physical therapist suggested I might not be able to run or bike anymore. Within days of starting the exercises and stretches in the modules I was able to run. Now, about 6 weeks later I can run or bike for more than an hour without any pain at all!"

"Hi Ben, Hey I am not sure if you will get this as I am not really sure if this was sent via computer but I thought I would let you know your methods for curing my IT band worked flawlessly!! I do use all your tips and am a huge believer in you methods and philosophy. I will definitely pass along your sites to family and friends!! I am competing in my first 1/2 Ironman this month in Oceanside Ca and am entered for the full Ironman this year in Az. This would not have been possible had I not followed your program!"

"I have been using the Bulletproof knee for 5 weeks and I can feel a big difference in my running, my ITB has all but disappeared and I feel much stronger. I highly recommend this e-book for anyone suffering form ITB problems."

"I have only implemented 1 of the 13 modules and gradually went from running 3 miles with pain to 2 hours without pain. The wealth of information in this system is invaluable!"

"I used the product for prevention after being dormant athletically for 25 years and starting out #170 OVERWEIGHT, now better than halfway to my weight goal I think nothing about running for an hour and a half. I have had ZERO Knee pain, none. I enjoy running again.."

"Bullet Proof Knee was the only cure I could find for my IT Band issues. I purchased this product 7 week prior to an Ironman event at which point I couldn't even complete a 1 mile run without pain. 7 eeeks later I finished my first Ironman event without any knee PAIN!"

The smartest athletes and exercisers know that their body must have the ultimate combination of fixes to truly and permanently heal, get them back to training, make them confident in their body, generate well-being, and build a bulletproof joint...

- And they do it quickly!

- And now you can too!!

My IT Band Friction Fix system is finally here and it does everything that I demand from a program designed to heal my body. Here's what you can look forward to when you get your hands on a copy of this instantly downloadable video and text package.

•  Videos that demonstrate the tools, straps, and braces that you need

•  Text links that point you exactly where to get your hands on this stuff quickly

•  Videos that show exactly how to do specific exercises

•  A step-by-step weekly workout program that implements the exercises

•  Videos that demonstrate the most ideal stretches

•  A written program that tells you when, where and how long to do the stretches

•  A video walk-through of a grocery store that tells you what to avoid and what to use

•  A meal plan that shows exactly how to incorporate these foods and dietary changes

•  A video walk-through of a nutritional supplement outlet that shows you the top natural remedies to heal your knee

•  Text links and written instructions on how to use dietary supplements

•  Video of modifications you should make to your cycling and running

•  Written and video instructions on how to change and modify your shoes for pain elimination

•  The exact type of physical therapy modalities that will be most effective

•  Home therapies and remedies that you can apply in your kitchen and living room

•  Cross-training recommendations and video instructions on specific cross-training techniques

•  Completely and instantly downloadable to your computer

•  100% no questions asked, money back guarantee

Are you ready to make the decision to transform your knee from a crippled painful joint into a Bulletproof Knee ready for action?

"When you claim your IT Band Friction Fix, here's what you get (for a ridiculously low price that is less than ONE pair of running shoes!)"

A complete knee bulletproofing package that uses a proprietary blend of video and text instructions to tell you exactly how to: 

  • Maintain optimal fitness as you incorporate the knee-fixing instructions outlined in the instructions

  • Build a bulletproof knee that is not only pain-free, but can withstand the type of training that you want to do

  • Use practical and inexpensive methods that can be immediately implemented with minimal equipment, but yield quick results

  • Stimulate healing and anti-inflammation in your knee to accelerate the recovery process

  • Gain back the confidence that you need for your sport


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Wonderful, so lets quickly recap...

You are about to instantly have on your computer desktop the entire Amazing IT Band Friction Fix System that gives you a step-by-step system for eliminating your inflammation with zero guesswork and instantly usable tactics...at the same investment as a single pair of running shoes.

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Your 100%, No Risk, No Questions Asked,
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If you still have any lingering doubts about purchasing, let me reassure you now with the knowledge that your copy of this superb software is covered by my 100% cast iron, no questions asked, zero risk guarantee.

I am so confident in this system that if implement it for as little as 16 weeks and do not experience the ability to return to activity pain-free, just shoot me a quick email and I guarantee to refund your money in full, no questions asked.

All this means you can have full access to check out this great system
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In other words... you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

"So are you ready to take action and receive the knowledge that allows you to completely eliminate your knee pain forever?"  

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  • Provides a network of supporting muscles and ligaments around the knee, hip and ankle joint that makes my knee bulletproof for life.

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P.S. I'm constantly studying the most up-to-date body fixing methods, and as part of the "life time of updates" everytime I discover a new IT Band Friction Fix remedy, you get an instant e-mail that gives you access to it.

P.P.S. Don't let anything stop you from eliminating your pain. It's only $97 and it's guaranteed!

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